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    Denied Parties List integration

    John Hulden



      I wanted to just post this to see if anyone had any ideas on how to do this.


      What I'm trying to do is to build (or purchase) some sort of integration with Business One that would allow us to real-time screen companies (and individuals) for whether they are denied parties so that we don't try and do business with them. This means not shipping to them whether it's being shipped within the US or it's being exported to another country. Right now we have a very manual process in place but it's kind of haphazard.


      The biggest thing that I'm trying to get my hands around is that there are numerous lists that we are needing to check. In the US alone there are 6 lists as far as we know. We also do international business so there are other lists associated with other countries.


      So what I was wondering is if anyone here has heard of anything or knows of some service that we could integrate to make this a more automated process. Or if anyone has some sort of system at their business, that would be interesting to hear about as well. It's a pretty complex problem I know, but I thought someone out there might have some ideas.


      Thanks in advance

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          Carl Lewis



          I have done a little thinking about this - two potential solutions - both require access to a list.

          Hopefully, that is something that is easy to acquire.


          I would recommend keeping a User defined table in SAP Business One to host htis data.  A future step might be to integrate directly to web sites or other resources published by the oversight agencies.


          1. A small SDK project could check the Business Partner name field in the BP Master Data scree whenever you enter a new business name.  When you TAB off the program would check to see if this name or something very similiar is in the list.  It would return a message to the screen "Potential Denied Party".  It could be written to allow you to go ahead and enter the name if the match is not exact.


          2. You could use the Transaction Notification Stored Procedure to do the same thing.  The limitation would be that the Add buitton would have to be clicked before the check could take place.  The SAP B1 Red Bar of Death - haha would carry the warning.  In addition it is typically a 100% prohibition against this match.





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            Arun Raisinghani



            You might want to try exploring if MK Data (http://www.mkdataservices.com/) as a service provider for denied party lists is appropriate for you.


            One of my past clients has been using the lists from MK Data for a long time now (over 7+ years), uploading it into SAP GTS (Global Trade Services) and comparing sold-to partners real-time at order entry. The way this real-time integration was done was that an RFC call was made at order entry time from the SAP main instance to the SAP GTS system which checked/compared the sold-to against the denied party lists and then returned back the compliance status - all in less than a few seconds per transaction.

            I am sure a similar real-time mechanism could be built in on customer entry/maintenance.


            You might want to consider SAP's GTS solution for your compliance management needs. In fact, GTS might be able to act as a centralized system for all compliance management activities in your organization.


            Hope this helped.