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    SAP ChaRM Implementation - Effort and Time Estimates?

    Kristine Banados


      I'd like to get inputs from folks that have implemented SAP ChaRM on the estimated effort/time for implementation.


      We're planning to implement SAP ChaRM for a global company, to handle change management processes for all their SAP transports across 14 landscapes (eg. SAP ERP2004, ERP2005, R/3 4.6, SRM 5.0, XI 7.0, CRM 2007, NWDI etc.). They have a home-grown lotus notes database application that currently handles change management for these systems, including workflow approvals, email notification and centralized transport creation. They have release management processes in place, that move all new functionality changes in specified releases (usually 5-7 per year) and support related changes on a daily/weekly basis. They have already have Solution Manager 7.01 EHP1 (SP18) in place, using some of the system landscape, monitoring and administration functionalities.


      Any inputs or learnings that you can share based on best practice or experience on ChaRM would really help.




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          Vijay Pisipaty

          Hello Kristine,


          We implemented SAP SolMan ChaRM for a couple of Customers -- for ECC 6.0, BI 7.0 and SCM 5.0 satellite System landscapes.


          The implementation included the following Transaction Types:

          • Change Request
          • Urgent Correction
          • Normal Correction
          • Admin Correction
          • Manual Correction


          The implementation timelines were:

          • Project Preparation - 3 weeks
          • Business Bluepeint - 6 weeks
          • Configuration - 7 weeks (it is SAP Best Practice Recommendation to develop Z*/Y* namespace Transactions Types by copying SAP delivered Transaction Types:
            • Scope included --> e-mails for workflow, SolMan Workcenter and reports
            • For Life Sciences customers one must factor the development of "Part 11 Compliant Digital Signatures for ChaRM Approvals" too -- 1 week if the Solution is ready and just needs to be implemented. (Please see attached presentation for ChaRM features)
          • Testing - 6 weeks --> includes Test Script preparation and Test execution
          • Final Preparation --> 2 weeks
          • Post Go-Live Support --> 2 weeks


          Total Estimates for ChaRM Implementation for ECC, BI and SCM--> 27 weeks


          Total Estimates for ChaRM Implementation (including CTS+) for ECC, BI, SCM, PI, Portals, SRM, CRM --> 30 weeks


          Hope the above info helps.


          Best Regards,


          Vijay Pisipaty

          IT Sapiens, Inc.