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    Solution Manager and Best Practices

    Jesse Cornelison

      I am having trouble implementing and usig Best Practices through SOLMAN. Note 1229397 seems to say that this functionality has been dropped. Without best practices and the template scenarios, SOLMAN is nearly useless for implementation projects.


      We have applied Best Practices into SOLMAN, but the Best Practice template is not available. Suggestions please!!

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          Winni Hesel

          It is correct that the Solution Manager content of Best Practices are no longer supported or maintained by SAP. You found the note on that one. However, some industry groups within SAP (for example the chemical group) still maintains their processes in Solution Manager and makes updated upload packages available to those who are interested. We have just recently uploaded the new version of the chemical best practices into our Solution Manager system. I would not come to the same conclusion that the absence of best practices makes Solution Manager not usable for implementation projects. You still have all of the industry specific scenarios, processes, etc. in the BPR. Just load them into a project and copy them over into your template project and you have what's a very decent starting point.


          Hope that helps. - Winni


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