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    Solution Manager with Aris



      I'm new to the Solution Manager discussion forum and Goodyear is new to Solution Manager.  We have plant to use it to support steady state as well as any new SAP projects.  We also intend to integrate this with the Aris business modeling tool set.  Is there anyone out there willing to share experiences, lessons learned or general ideas on a conference call?


      Thanks much,

      Ed Hudak


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          Ruth Ciamarra

          Hi Ed,


          We at Alberto Culver are in the same boat as you. I'm sure that there are other customers who would like to learn more about real-life experience (pros and cons) of using SolMan and ARIS. I'd love to plan a webcast around this topic.


          If there are any willing customers/users out there who might be willing to do a webcast, please let me know.




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            Mary Jacobs

            Hi  - new as well to Solution Manager.   We're planning to use it with the ARIS link as well as to MQC (Mercury) for testing.   At this point, looking for a forum / discussion with other SAP install customers with practical experience using Implementation Manager, with or without the links.  


            Missed the ASUG webcast on Solution Manager adapters, this might be a place to start.

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              Marcel Van Den Top

              Hello all,


              My customer, a utility / conglomerate, is also interested in discussing this topic with other SAP customers using ARIS and Solution Manager. Specifically, how is the synchronization being handled? Do you have two versions of the process model in ARIS, one using the full modeling functionality, with variations, and another, simpler version for synchronization with Solution Manager (with only 3 levels plus transaction codes)? Or do you just use one model and make sure it works in Solution Manager as well?


              Right now, the process model we have in ARIS uses 6 levels there, with the bottom three transferred over to SolMan. As a result, we don't see the grouping of scenarios in Solution Manager. We have a lot of scenarios with relatively few processes, because the meaningful grouping was done at a higher level in ARIS.


              We are debating whether to stick with a single version of the process model in ARIS, or to have a parallel version that is synchronized with Solution Manager, where the scenario level makes more sense.

              The argument for a single model is to avoid having to keep the two models in synch. The counter argument is, once the model is defined and agreed upon, the processes themselves are usually fairly stable and not subject to such frequent changes. I.e. keeping the two in synch may be manageable. Compared to the Blueprint Phase of an implementation project, there should be relatively little activity during ongoing support and maintenance.
              Anyone else have an opinion on this? Ideally based on experience with the synchronization? Or even just a validation that you don't change your model too much?
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                Chris Atwood

                My Point of View  is that there are better tools for documenting your business model and requirements and integrating with SAP Process Maps and SAP Solution Manager.


                My recommendation is Business Genetics.


                Business Genetics is challenging the way that business model and requiremetns are defined through a comprehensive, systematic and user friendly approach.


                Feel free to contact me for further discussion.


                Chris Atwood

                ERP Consults

                Denver Colorado

                720 851 2820