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    Document change issue with KW v.700 & KW v.620

    Salpi Makdessian
      has anyone encountered this issue?
      We have encountered an issue with linking documents in SOLAR01/SOLAR02 transactions when we chose the option (Document link). We are able to create a Document Link to an existing Document, but when we try to change this Document, we have a message:
      "The reference to the original document is replaced by a reference to the copy."
      If you answer YES, a new independent document is created and we lose the link to the reference. Which is not expected.
      What we have discovered is Project 1 that has the original document was created under KW version 620 and the new Project 2 that's trying to link to that original document is under KW version 700. We sent a customer message to SAP and their response was it's behaving as designed. This is not acceptable since thousands of documents that were created with KW version 620 have to be copied as new objects now.
      I have attached a screen shot of  the message.