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    Run SAP for Industries is now Available - Is it any Better?

    Robert Max

      As you probably know, SAP Provides the following offerings:

      SAP Solution Manager - Our Toolkit to manage the solution

      End to End Solution Operations - The best practices for managing the solution using the Solution Manager Tool

      Run SAP - The Methodology, accelerators and road map for implementing End to End Solution Operations Components


      Run SAP is now at Version 3.  More importantly, Run SAP for industries is now available for Banking, Retail etc.

      Has anyone examined these new versions on service.sap.com?    If you compare Run SAP with Run SAP for Utilities, Run SAP for utilities has less content!!!   Custom Code Management and Availability and Continuity have been added in the new version of Run SAP.   Run SAP for Utilities looks like a duplicate of of an older version of Run SAP.   Where is all the unique content?  Special configurations of the Monitoring Tree Element or the Data Volume Hub applicable only to utilities. 


      Do you agree or is the copy on service.sap.com an older version?  Perhaps we will know more after the Webcast on Run SAP, what's new.