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    Automatic E-mail Notifications

    Sarah Schagelin




      Is there any way to setup automatic e-mail notifications in SAP B1?  For example order acknowledgements, tracking numbers, etc.  Any feedback on how your company handles this would be greatly appreciated.


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      Sarah Schagelin



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          Carl Lewis



          I do not know of any way in Business One to automatically generate email to customers out-of-the-box.

          I do know that the I-Bolt Tool can perform some of these workflow related things.


          On the Shipping Side, typically if you have an integration to UPS Worldship or Fedex cafe the email address is passed to the carrier's software and the carrier automatically sends the customer the tracking number.


          There are several Shipping Integration Addons available for SAP Business One.


          Let me know if anyone else gives you other ideas - I'm curious myself.