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    Embedded EDI for SAP Business One

    Jason Hedges

      Greetings fellow ASUG members, esteemed SAP partners and SAP Business One users.


      I would like to share a unique offering for SAP Business One user.  This add-on to B1 is just one more reason that SAP Business One is a far more advanced solution than its competitors!


      What I am introducing is Alligacom's SAP Business One EDI Integrated Suite.  Alligacom's EDI solution is a full-service, compeletly configurable add-on to SAP Business One.  It runs embedded within SAP, connects you to any partner in the world via AS2 connection and is the most advanced EDI product on the Small-Medium Enterprise market.  Alligacom will work directly with your SAP reseller to provide exact configuration and pricing.  For more information, feel free to contact you SAP reseller directly, call 1-866-679-1917 ext 204 or email jason.hedges@alligacom.com.  The following video is a very simplified demonstration of some of Alligacom's EDI suite's functions.





      Jason Hedges

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      Alligacom EDI

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