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    Henrik Lyder

      I would like to reach some other users in the greater Minneapolis area- I am curious about just how many users there are and where they communicate. With 2 months since the last posting on this forum I have to conclude that either I am the only user out there with issues, or there simply is no-one out there.


      Is there anyone out there?


      Henrik Lyder

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          Carl Lewis





          I have been a little remiss at paying attention to the form, primarily because I wait to be notified that someone has posted a question.



          the fall of 2008 seems to have caused a rgeat number of peopel to just crawl into a hole.  This was probably die to the holidays as well as the bad news about the economy which really took full flight in October.  On top of that the National Elections attracted a good deal of the publics attention - which is somethingt hat happens every four years.  In addition much of the country sufffered some pretty bad weather.  In the NW (Portland, Oregon) where I am locatated we lost about two weeks of "productive" time.  It was as if people were on auto-pilot.  My daily web site traffic for instance has doubled almost the moment the new year began.  This week will be the highest traffic week our site has ever had.  Try to explain that any other way - I just can't.



          All of that to say, as SIG Program Chair for Business One, I'll try to be sure that if I see a question on the furum that I can shed light on, or potentially know someone who can. I am glad to help.



          My company, Omega Buisness Solution is also an SAP Reseller/Partner.  Although you are not my customer (and I am not recruting) fee free to visit our website http://www.omegagroup.com/.



          You may find some help there in out TIPS and TRICKS section for instance.  The resources of our site which are FREE are available to all SAP Busines One users.  The site has been 100% recreated in the past six months.  One of the goals was to server the B1 Community at large - better.  http://www.omegagroup.com/index.php?q=files/Tips%20%26%20Tricks



          Feel free to contact me directly at carl @omegagroup.com



          Carl Lewis