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    SAP Tutor used as training material

    Michael Long


      With the ability to create training materials and distribute to mass audience in solman I have two questions.



      First, is it so that an org plan has to either be created in solman or transported from another SAP system to enable job assignment which holds actual users and positions to utilize the email mass distribution?






      Second, has anyone been successful in using an SAP Tutor recording as the training material that is distributed to the masses. I can attach the tutor in solar02 but am unable to open anything once learning map email is sent and opened.



      Thanks in advance!






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          Patrick O'Leary





          I think you may need to configure SERVICES in Solution Manager SPRO to be able to view SAPTUTOR documents via Learning Maps.



          Yes, I had it working at City of Phoenix. 



          Patrick O'Leary,  p.o-leary@sap.com



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            Hi Michael,



            You are not required to build an org plan for eLearning to work.  If you choose to do so, however, you can migrate the organization from SAP HCM.  The minimum for an eLearning plan is simply to load or link your training material to the Training Materials tab in SOLAR02 and generate your learning map from there via Environment > Learning Map Builder...  If you have migrated your organization into Solution Manager, you can populate Organizational units and Jobs, or even specific end users in the End User Roles tab.  These definitions will allow you to create targeted e-mails within the Learning Map functionality.



            As to SAP Tutor, you should be able to upload SAP Tutor (.sim) files to the Training Materials tab.  Any user with the SAP Tutor Player installed will be able to open these files out of the Learning Map.  If you have any users who cannot, I suspect they do not have the Player installed.  You can download it at http://service.sap.com/swdc.  All SAP end users should have the current level of the Player.



            Good luck!



            Lori Sanders