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    Digital signatures - connection with SAP user ID?

    Ruth Ciamarra





      I'm testing out the use of digital signatures with specific documentation types. So far, I've been successful in getting the set up between doc type, sig group, sig strategy, etc. However, the instructions I have for setting up the individual signatures says that the SAP user ID should be used to create these. I don't believe that this is validated against true user IDs, because the field is not long enough (only 8 chars), and there is no F4 help. It's quite possible that my instructions are incorrect, which means that I am in search of an answer to how the "individual signatures" can be really linked/validated with the SAP user IDs. Do any of you have experience with this or any suggestions?



      Thanks, Ruth



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          Hi Ruth,



          There is a missing piece in the SAP documentation, and that is the fact that you need create a new security profile in transaction PFCG for each authorization group.  These security profiles should then be assigned to individual users via PFCG.



          For example, if you have an authorization group Q_MGR for quality managers, you need to create a new profile (for example ZQM) in transaction PFCG, and then assign that to all users who will be part of authorization group Q_MGR.  The security profile is the link between the configured authorization group and the user IDs.



          Try this out, and feel free to contact me if that doesn't resolve your issue.









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            Ruth Ciamarra

            Thanks, Lori. I'll give that a try! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.