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    Transaction SHDB

    Chris Perzinski

      Could anyone explain the Transaction SHDB and how it could be used as a macro to speed up input heavy processes in SAP?  Thanks!

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          Hello Cris, SHDB is a transaction to create Batch inputs, this allows you to process a large amount of information automatically and also during off peak ours if you like.



          first of all you record the transaction you like to work with record means simulate the way a user will use it, then you create and modify thew source code of this record in order to allow it to process a large amount of data, then yoy can run it or schedule it as a batch job.



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            Kenneth Snyder


            I would like additional information on this tcode also?



            How is it different from SCAT? 



            Is it only for creating custom ABAP programs?



            Ken Snyder



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              its very similar to SCAT. but Batch input are more often used to automate end users transaction like for example ME21N, VA01, etc ...



              or you can use it with customs programs as well.



              Even this is a very useful tool,  its not highly recommended to be used, cause if you have a SAP upgrade batch input programs may fail, and will need a review of each of them.



              Better if you replace batch input with Bapis, Badis or Idocs.






              you can process a large amount of Sales orders by running a single transaction that calls a Batch input program made with the record taken from SHDB, instead to have a user doing it one by one.



              Also at the same time you create the Sales orders, you can create deliveries, post goods issues and invoices all in the same transaction.



              Hope this helps, let me you if I can help you with something else.









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                Chris Perzinski


                Thanks for your Response Enrique!



                Processes I would hope to use this transaction would be COR1, ME21n and others like it.  My confusion is how can SHDB help me enter data that will be different per each transaction.  In these processes, I will enter various item #'s, Lot/Batch #'s, etc. that would change with every process or purchase order created.  How can SHDB account for the information that changes with every process I make?



                Also, is SHDB able to record across different functions.  Ex. ME21N, VL10d, and MIGO?



                Thanks again






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                  Hello Cris,






                  First of all sorry for the delay on the response.



                  With SHDB you can record any SAP transaction simulating as if the user is working with the transaction,



                  If you want to create a full purchase process you will have to create one record per transaction, and then create a new program that will join all the records together using the logic that best suit your needs.






                  Create record ME21n the result of this process will be an internal table with all the purchase document that where created, with this information you can post a good receipt and later perform the invoice receipt.



                  In the main program after each batch input calling each transaction you have the SAP document numbers created and then you can call the recording of the other transaction, all on this in one single program that can run as a job without the need of the user to be involved.



                  The input information required for each of the transaction involved can be gathered from an external file or from the SAP system.






                  Let me know if you need something more, I'll try to answer quickly.