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    SAP Solution Manager Testing Focus Group

    Evan Stoddard

      As part of the feedback from the SAP Solution Manager Influence Council, this is a discussion group focusing on the topic of testing with the SAP Solution Manager. We will be discussing tools such as the Test Workbench, adapters for products like HP Quality Center, Quick Test Pro, and Compuware TestPartner, and also new developments for quality management to be delivered with Support Package Stack 18.

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          Walter Burke


          Hi Evan,



             Which of the Solman testing tools can be used to help with regression testing?



                       Thanks, Wally






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            Evan Stoddard


            Hi Wally:



            Here is a presentation - I think you will find it useful.  The BPCA would really help - this is to be delivered with SP18.



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              Jeff Benensohn


              Evan & SolMan SIG,



              I'd also like to make you aware of the Software Quality Assurance SIG, which is relatively new.  Testing as it relates to Solution Manager, and what functionality SolMan has for testing, straddles both groups.  I'll try to watch posts here and on that SIG, in case there is something interesting to both sides.



              There was a webcast this past Wed 9/24 by Marcus Wefers that went thru this content and he spoke briefly about the Change Impact functionality.  We've been looking at Change Impact tools for a couple of years, and waiting/hoping for the promised SolMan functionality.  This was the first time I heard it described.



              Frankly, I was surprised by how he described that BPCA would work.  Apparently you have to individually record each business process being executed, produce a trace file called a "T-BOM" (Technical Bill of Materials), then attach the T-BOM to the bus. proc. hierarchy.  The change impact assessment uses those files to determine what is impacted.  I don't know about anyone else... but this just is not going to work for us.  I can't imagine justifying the cost of recording every possible permutation of every transaction and business process, tracing and storing the files.  There would be thousands of T-BOMs to create.  Then who is going to maintain them?  Ensure they stay current?  Re-trace with every application change?  And the ones we don't record... well the change impact assessment will miss an impact to that area!  Isn't there some way to get these T-BOMs or trace files from the production system or with logic?



              The big benefit to Change Impact is that you can determine up-front, before testing, what various areas of the system would be impacted by a change, especially the areas you didn't expect (that you might be least likely to have recorded a T-BOM for).   I'd be curious to get other opinions on this... anyone know more about BPCA... what am I missing here, because it seems like SAP missed the boat with this.



              Thanks in advance for comments and be sure to go subscribe to the SQA SIG as well (under the BITI community)!









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                Gilles Samoun





                I have used Solman and eCATT for quite a while now  ( about 4 years now).. it is getting better and better, however everything is assuming that your project team is perfectly using solman for blueprint and configuration. Also it relies a lot of Test Worbench which is probably the most painful toll out there, except for reporting, and I really look forward to see improvement in this area.



                If anyone want to share experience, I will be happy to discuss.









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                  Diane Davis


                  Where can I see what the new improvements will be in the new support pack stack? I am hoping there is something to look forward to in the test management - administration area.   We are at SP 15 and I can list many areas of opportunity here



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                    Evan Stoddard


                    Hi Diane:



                    On the SAP Service Marketplace, see the quicklink /testing.  We are still making the SP18 (EhP1) materials and they should be available soon.