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    Business Process Monitoring - training and implementation


      We have been investigating Business Process Monitoring in Solution Manager 7.0 as a way to improve our SAP Operations.  In doing so, we've read varioius presentations and papers on its capabilities, including transaction, RFC and other interface monitoring, XI/PI monitoring, job scheduling monitoring, etc.  In looking for training on the full capabilities of this however, we've come up short.  Other than E2E300, there doesn't seem to be training to the extent of what the tool can do. 



      Has anyone found the depth of training this tool requires and is anyone using it and willing to share experiences in setting it up or operating with it?






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          Michael Pytel


          Tim, you are correct...there is little training available on the market for this tool. And it can be extremely powerful. My organization is both an install member and a vendor. We have it setup internally and have configured for a few clients. Here are the biggest hurdles we encounter when implementing....


          1. Know your prerequisities

            1. Administrative SLD, NWA, SMD, and CCMS with CEN are installed and working

            2. Solution Landscapes are created and updated with information from SLD regularly

            3. Installed Support Package Stack 15 plus update service tools to SP 16

          2. Get end users involved

            1. If you dont have them from your implementation, you need good business process maps

            2. End users needs to be apart of planning and design. find out what business conditions do they look for today

          3. Using the tool

            1. Some people still revert back to old reporting methods to find issues

            2. Setup alerts for email, people dont always login to the tool

            3. It's a seperate system with a seperate password, get users trained on new system.


          I'm actually giving a presentation on the topic at the Managing Projects 2008 conference in Orlando the third week in October. Stop by and say hello if you are there. I definitely feel this tool is underutilized in the SAP community; it comes with your Solution Manager license. Business Process alerting software from HP and IBM can cost 10's of thousands to purchase and install. Send me an email if you want to discuss further.



          Hope this helps! And Good Luck!



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            Would it be possible to arrange a call to discuss the topic a little further?  I was at the 2007 conference in Miami but won't be attending the one this year.  I would be interested in speaking a litte more on the topic and your firms' capabilities in this area.  If you agree, send a contact number that I can call back on.









            Tim Savoie



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              Michael Pytel

              Sure thing, sorry for the late response.  Send me an email at michael.pytel@comsys.com and we can trade contact info.  I dont mind sharing info about Solution Manager.

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                Sergey Palamarchuk

                We did self training while Implementing BPMon pilot and created our own training bundle. Still trying to figure out how BPMon should be structured within Organization (for now Users only confirm and investigate alerts and our group is responcible for setting them up and maintenance) Tool is were powefull and we can share our experiences.

                I think it will be more productive is specific qustions will be asked so I can try my best to answer them