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    Maintainance Optimizer setting for SRM MDM Catalog running on NW 7.0 SR3

    Asif Rahmetulla



      We are running SRM MDM Catalog v2.0 on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SR3 on Windows

      2003 x64 64bit (Java stack). I am trying to confirm the support

      packages files from Maintenance Optimizer and would like support

      package files for both (NetWeaver 7.0 and SRM MDM Catalog v2.0) to

      appear on the Optimizer list for this system.


      I think it is do with the way the system gets defined in the SMSY

      transaction, "Main Instance" and "Installed Product Version" and not

      exactly sure what values to pick for a system like SRM MDM Catalog v2.0

      running on NW 7.0 Java stack?


      How do I setup this system in Solution manager so that I can confirm

      support package files for download for NW 7.0 (Java stack) and as well

      as SRM MDM Catalog v2.0 from Maintenance Optimizer in Solution Manager?