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    Did You Know:  A/R Credit Memo to Drop Ship for $ only return

    Brad Windecker


      Did You Know:




      If you need to  provide a refund for a customer for an item on an Invoice, but not return the item to stock, you can Copy To Credit Memo and select a Whse marked as Drop Ship to reverse only the accounting side of Revenue and Customer amounts.



      For example:  If I add an A/R Invoice for 10 items at $5, then I need to refund the customer for an item (but not return it to stock).



      I can go to the Invoice, Copy To A/R Credit Memo



      Then, select a warehouse that is marked as Drop Ship.  Add the Credit Memo



      This will only reverse the Revenue posting and the customer posting, but not return the item to stock or effect inventory values.






      Hope this was helpful,



      Brad Windecker