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    Using ChaRM with development systems

    Don Newton

      Good Day;

      Before I get into the full description of an issue we are facing. I would like to know if anyone out there is using ChaRM and has 2 development systems defined.



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          We're knee deep into implementing Solution Manager and Charm with a go live coming up in about a month.  We "may" have run across similar issues.  I can direct a question over the the solman dev team.   

          We putting in a 3 tier solman landscape d,q,p ... managing transports through our various other landscapes each having  d,q,s,p systems each.    ecc5, HR, BW, APO 

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            Jason Schweitzer

            @Joe:  Finding a live implementation of Charm especially a complex case with multiple landscapes like yours is rare!!  I know the folks on my team and certainly others here on ASUG would benefit from your company's experiences and advice...  Here at AC, Charm will be evaluated in the coming months.  Would you mind copying me in the emails between your team and Don's?    jschweitzer@alberto.com 

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              Glad too. I will also be encouraging the team to put together a presentation at some point though we're mid-go-live right now.(May-June)   I know from our experiences, it can be a challenge to find real world answers.  As we exit the project, we ought to be able to share the experience. 

              For now if there are specific questions regarding using solution manager for charm, change requests, changes to the transport portion, electronic signature, setting up releases, workflow routing of approvals etc, I may be able to field the question or pass it onto the development team for a response.


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                Don Newton

                Good Day;
                Sorry for taking so long to post, anyway…..
                I have got a bit more information regarding 2 or more landscapes.
                It appears that mutli landscapes are support with “Enterprise” Solution Manager with support Stack. On slide 13 of the “Enterprise SAP Support Solution Manager Addition”, it states “Support for parallel development environments: Whenever work was executed in parallel development systems, it is not possible to transport changes to another system simply by using requests as there is the risk that current software release levels can be overwritten and inconsistencies can occur.”
                If this is true, I think there is going to be a few upset people.
                We also have some other issues regarding ChaRM.
                Pulling transports out of a Maintenance cycle.
                It appears with Support Stack 15, we are able to move transports to the next maintenance cycle if the transports have not been released.
                The issue is once they transport has been released, there is no way to remove it from the maintenance cycle. The only way to continue, is to create a new transport backing out the changes and move everything to production.
                Hope this helps
                Don Newton

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                  Don Newton

                  Good Day;
                  I guess I should add a diagram as to what we are trying to do.
                  Transport Path
                  Production Stream
                  DW3 -Development System
                  QW1 -Quality System
                  VW4 -Volume testing System
                  PW1 -Production System
                  TW2 – Training System
                  Emergency Stream
                  DW4 - Development System
                  QW2 - Quality System
                  VW4  -Volume Testing
                   PW1 – Production
                  This being said, the transport route for a regular release would look like this
                  DW3, QW1, VW4, DW4, QW2, PW1, TW2
                  For an emergency fix, the transport route would be.
                  DW4, QW2, VW4 PW1.
                  A synchro change would be done in DW3 for the next release
                  I hope this explains what we are trying to do
                  Don NEwton