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    Did anybody Implement SP17 and what are the cons

    Arpitha Siripuram

      There is a problem  in retrieving the data from the help(F4) button when i run the report,

      scenario: when I/users open up the report and look for the values in the F4 help  it is taking long time, only the problem is with F4 help, and when i try to give my own value in the variables and run the report its working fine, the only prob is with F4 help, when i contacted SAP they said to implement SP17, where we are on SP15 in BI 7.0


      Please let me know if anyone  had the same issue and wat was the solution implemented, if you are on BI 7.0 and implemented SP17  what are the cons? you faced with and what are the solutions you think should solve this issue