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    Project Setup for Second Deployment

    Theresa Prawdzik

      Company has completed first deployment of SAP (Finance) using an Implementation Project in Solution Manager. We are about to embark on our second deployment (Operations/Mfg). We'd like some advice on how to set up our second implementation project. A couple of facts that may affect the decision:

      • We know in the second deployment there will be many decisions that will have a significant effect on artifacts developed in deployment 1.
      • Deployment 1 implementation project will be transitioning to a Maintenance project within one month

      We know there are options like:

      1. Complete separate implementation project for Deployment 2
      2. Separate implementation project for Deployment 2 with Reference copy of Deployment 1
      3. Copy Deployment 1 into Deployment 2 and add ...

      Which option of the 3 listed above would you consider and why?