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    dtw update vendors

      when trying to update existing accounts payable vendors we receive an error

      "bank does not exist in the company application defined or object defined error 65171"

      this error does not occur when we add a new vendor with identical information, we know this because we added one then used the same excel file to update it and received the error on the update.

      has anyone had this happen? if so how is it corrected?



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          Brad Windecker


          I believe it depends upon a few things:
          1. Did you set the default bank on the BP when you did the import?
          2. What are you trying to update with the same DTW Template?

          What can happen is that when you do an import, B1 will choose a default to set (this is the case for A/P Account). However, sometimes when you do an Update, B1 does not set the default, but requires it to be set through the DTW.
          This might be the case in your scenario, or might not. I'd need more info about what is in your Update template to be sure.

          I do know that Payment methods reference a bank, so if you are attempting to set thos eon the BP with the update, it could also be triggering this error.

          Can you provide the following:
          SAP Version
          Patch Level
          DTW Version
          DIAPI Version

          I won't be able to troubleshoot it for you, but I can tell you if I'm aware there's an issue with the specific version you have or compatibility between the versions of DTW and DIAPI.

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            seems that when we initially set up the vendors under version 6.7 it allowed us to plug US in the payment terms bank country and there was no way to remove it or change it , this was causing the problem our partner finally corrected it after we convenced him we weren't nuts