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    Anyone using SAP Business One 2007

    Sarah Schagelin


      Is anyone currently using SAP Business One 2007?  We are considering upgrarding to 2007 to hopefully resolve some of the issues that we are encountering.  Any information on how the new version is would be much appreciated.

      Thank you!

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          James McCord

          I would also be interested.

          We upgraded? from 2004 to 2005 at it seem like a step backwards.

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            Carl Lewis


            I have about 12 clients now LIVE on 2007 - it's great! The best new features are int he accounting processes.
            What problems are you having that may or may not be resolved by 2007?

            Have you seen the release notes for the new version?


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              Sarah Schagelin


              Thank you for responding. Yes we have reviewed the Release Notes from the SAP website. Do you know of any additional information on the 2007 version that we could review?

              The updates to the Accounting Processes seem like they would definitely benefit us. We currently have a lot of work around processes. We have also encountered billion dollar taxes errors which would hopefully be fixed with the new version. Other issues we are looking to resolve are how much the system slows when pricing is entered in Hierarchies and Expansions (all users lock for several minutes...even when pricing is added for only 1 item). Do you know if the 2007 has the capability to merge business partners? How was the transition to 2007 for your clients?

              On another note, the Custom Production Order functionality you mentioned in an earlier post sounds very interesting and a lot like what we are looking to do with our system. Do the changes for this require the SDK or can they be made in the DI Event Service? Any additional information on how the Custom Production Order functionality works, how much customization is required, and how it is working out for your client would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at sbschagelin@clarionsafety.com if it is easier.

              Thank you!