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    inventory hot list

    Ben Peterson



      Anyone know how to make a query or hot list of the most important inventory items so you can constantly monitor the qty's in real time?


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          Vicki Mitchell

          Do you have specific item information to determine "the most important" inventory items? I have built a number of queries for our system if you need help.

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            Ben Peterson

            I have a list of hot items that I would like to build. Please call me at 310-366-6866 x208


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              Matt Roberts

              We have created a user-defined field called "U_PeckOrder" on OITM for all of our inventory items. At one point I had set it to populate this field with the total dollar amount of that item sold in the last two years; now the way we populate it is an average dollars-per-day calculation based on the number of days that the item has been extant (using the CreateDate - not visible in SBO but on the data table in OITM) and the amount sold during that time period, up to a maximum of two years. That way items that sell well but haven't been around for two years can "compete" in the "pecking order."

              Can share some of the queries that auto-populate that if you need them; I agree that it's hard to make a more solid recommendation unless we know what "most important item" means to you in your business.

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                Brad Windecker


                Another way to capture this information in real time is to create an XLReporter Report that groups, sorts, and displays items based on the criteria you use to determine a "hot item".

                In the course we offer at Omega, one of the reports we create as part of the course is a Top 5 Hottest Items report.  It queries Business One for the sales of all items, sorts by item code, uses a "Top 5" function in selection criteria, and displays the hottest sellers in chart format along with the other Item information the sales team needs to make decisions about those hottest items.

                The value of an XLReporter Report like this is that you create it once, setup the parameters you want it to run on, and have it automatically generated and distrubted to those who need it via email or directly in the B1 Main Menu.

                Hope this helps,

                Brad Windecker
                Implementation Consultant
                Omega Business Solutions