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    Warehouse Picking Packing Production Process

    Ben Peterson



      Currently we have running SAP for about 6 months and we are experiencing some miscommunication in how processes should work.


      What is the best practice from receiving an order to fulfilling it? We end up losing alot when production orders are completed but the warehouse pickers and shippers are not aware. Is there a way to denote on the pick list that the item is a production item and there is a production # associated with it?

      What sorts of processes do others use?


      Please let me know.


      Thank you



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          Carl Lewis


          They may be other ways of doing it but here are a couple of things to consider.

          #1 I wonder why the picking list is being printed for the item if it does not exist in inventory.
          If you are printing the picking list from the Sales Order - the pick list should be able to limiit the list to those items that are available only, or at least show how many are in stock.

          #2 The better way may be to use Pick and Pack. (requires a professional license). Pick and pack will not print pick lists for items which are not available to be picked. Even if you print pick lists that are limited to one sales order (this reuired the PLD Pick List to be customized a good deal - but it can be done).

          #3 In order to truly denote on the sales order line item that this item is a Make To Order item you need to create a user defined field on the sales order line tem to capture the Production Order for that Item. In the Production Order which you can create manually you can reference the Sales Order (Gold Arrow)

          This way when you print a sales order pick list, or any pick list you can place the Production Order # on the pick list line number.

          At Omega we have created an MTO button on the Sales Order which can create the Production Order automatically and create all the references tying the various documents and line items together instantly.

          Carl Lewis