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    Bill of Materials Costing

    Eric Schroeder

      In the Bill of Materials screen there is a Price List drop-down window for the parent item on the top right side and each child item also has a price list selection drop-down window. The only way to change the Price List selection for the child items is to change each line. We have BOM's with a large number of items and we would like to be able to change all the lines without doing each one manually. 

      Does anyone know of a way to do this? It seems a formatted seach might work but we don't know how to do one of this type.  It would be nice if there were a button that would change all the lines. (I can't imagine why anyone would want to select different price lists for one BOM.)

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Anthony Flores

          You might want to try the Database Workbench Transfer program.  When we have issues like this, we contact our Ingetegrator. They have another name for this progam that I cannot mention on this site, however, it works very well.


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            Carl Lewis


            You can globally update all BOM with the menu item "Update Parent Items Globally" - there are some options to let you choose which price list you will impart to the child items in order to calculate the BOB costs anew.

            I recommend that you try this in a test database with a very small number of sample BOM's in order to see how this works.

            Keep in mind that if your BOM's are several levels deep with many subcomponents - you may have to run this global update many times to roll all tyhe way to the top.


            Carl Lewis