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    Add columns to Aging Report

    Mike Colombini

      Is there a way to add more columns to the standard aging report in SAP. I haven't found any. Something that would also work would be to get the exact query for the report. Any one have it?



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          Carl Lewis

          I would recommend that you investigate the possibility of upgrading to teh 2007A version as quickly as you can.
          Your overall satisfaction with the aging reports will be greatly enhanced.

          Once you do this, you couls use XLReporter to contruct various version so the aging report.

          I do not know of a way in the out-of-th-box aging reports to add additional columns

          Another solution is to investigate the use of some Crystal Reports addin reports which have been created by "Coastal Range" which is a reslling partner in Canada, you resller should have access to these customized reports.

          Carl Lewis