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    Adobe PDF Wiriter 7.0

    Ben Peterson

      Some users are able to print preview and PDF documents like Sales Orders and Purchase Orders. While others can PDF but get the document layout page but with no numbers or values.<br/>

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          Carl Lewis


          Be sure that the document template default is set the same for them.  If one user has a bad template, it may not show any numbers or etc.

          While in a Sales Order for instance click onthe pencil ICON, highlight the form you wish to set as a default, select the DEFAULT button and notice the choices. 

          Depending upon security setting a user can mess this up all by themselves.  If their default form is under construction or was somone elses test, that could be a problem.  Most of the time you will want one default form for the entire company, but they can be specfic for a number of business reasons.


          Carl Lewis