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    Ability to mask sales item BOm componets

    Ben Peterson

      It it possible to mask the the BOM component items of a sales only item in quotes and invoicing?<br/>



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          Carl Lewis

          Ben check out the BOM Types - to hide items on Marketing documents, which are component of the BOM - you must use a BOM type of &quot;Production&quot;  Then only the parent item &quot;the BOM ID&quot; whows on the Marketing document.
          see screen shot attached


          Carl Lewis

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            Ben Peterson

            Is there a way to automatically trigger production orders for production BOM items similar to the check box in the Logistics Tab for Purchase order?

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              Carl Lewis


              Yes there is. It's a little obscure and requires what I would refer to minor programming using something called the "DI Event Service". The service is a free gift from SAP and can be used for many things. Please note that this is not the "DI Server"! When the service is running a program can be executed either within the UI (User Interface) which watches for a sales orders to be creted with an item that is a "Production BOM". When it happens the system can automatically create the Production Order and rerefence the PO to the SO. On the SO the Production Order number can be written to the line (Item) for which is was created.

              We have dome this for a client very recently. You can decide whether or not you want the Production Order to be created in Planned status or Released status, and even automatically print the prouction order.

              Does it do this out-of-the-box? NO - out-of-the-box you can run MRP and create the Production Orders. The trouble with MRO is that it creates cummumulative Productions Orders.
              What many people want is one production order for each line item.

              Another option is to create an MTO Button on the sales Order, We have also accomplished this. In this scenario you highlight the line for which you want to create the production order and click the MTO (Make To Order) Button. The Produdction Order is created and released (or planned depennding on setup options) and the references made to the documents automatically. There is another variation of this little customization called CPO (Custom Production Order). The CPO Button brings up the Production Order and allows it to be edited prior to creation - for instance the standard color is blue, but you want to change a note on the PO and make this one yellow.

              Hope this gives you some ideas.

              Carl Lewis

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                Sarah Schagelin


                The Custom Production Order functionality sounds very interesting and a lot like what we are looking to do with our system. Do the changes for this require the SDK or can they be made in the DI Event Service? Any additional information on how the Custom Production Order functionality works, how much customization is required, and how it is working out for your client would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at sbschagelin@clarionsafety.com if it is easier.

                Thank you for your help!