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    Item Master Data Menu Fields

    Ben Peterson



      When we try to browse through a list of items through the item master data we are not able to display bt price 1 and the base cost. It does not even show up, we are able to see the item, description and in stock quantity.<br/>


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          Carl Lewis


          This can depend on whether you are managing inventory at the warehouse level or at the item level only (which is common) meaning you have the same cost and price for each warehouse.

          You can see the cost on the &quot;Inventory Data Tab&quot; of the Inventory Master Screen.  It is either on the line that says &quot;Item Cost&quot; in the middle of the screen or on the warehouse line.  If you are managing inventory at the warehouse level, you may need to reveal the Item Cost Field on the warehpuse line using form setting tools (Gear Box ICON).

          The price can be revealed by selecting the price list from the drop down list labeled &quot;Price List&quot; in the header of the Inventory master Screen.

          see example below