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    Solution Manager 4.0 Support Package 13 Delayed

    Robert Max

      The next support package for SAP Solution Manager will be delayed in order to keep the system release aligned with SAP NetWeaver. Here is the official customer information release.

      Support Package 13 (SP13) of SAP Solution Manager 4.0 will contain new diagnostics features for root cause analysis. This includes E2E Change Analysis, E2E Diagnostics for NetWeaver BI, NetWeaver XI, and SAP CRM, as well as set-up simplification. The new functionality uses new features of SAP NetWeaver SP13.

      Unfortunately, the availability of SAP NetWeaver SP13 has been postponed. To ensure that customers can utilize the new diagnostics features of SAP Solution Manager as early as possible, SAP has decided to postpone the availability of SAP Solution Manager SP13 as well. Available early October 2007, the support package will contain NetWeaver SP13 such that the new diagnostics features will work properly. Without this delay, the new features would not be available before the delivery of SAP Solution Manager SP14.