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    Solution Manager Questions -  Compare/Adjust usage for templates, implemenation projects and the solution directory

    Michael Schoedel


      We are currently in the blueprint/design phase of our Solution Manager Project and have hit a couple of roadblocks in regards to templates.  Any help would be appreciated and if you could please reply to this post, that would be great.   Also, we have tested templates in our proof of concept system (with SP12 installed) and it isn't working.   Thanks!

      PS Note: I've attached a word document showing the usage of templates from a recent SAP SM seminar.   This is what we are using as the basis of our discussions and might be helpful for your project. 

      Question #1- It seems that we are not able to Update the Template from an Implementation project (project 1 or 2). The arrow pointing to the left in the picture (see attachment file) is unclear to our team. Does anyone know how this functionality works? It has a big effect on our blueprint/design.

      Question #2 - Also, we are unable to update the Solution from the Template? (arrow pointing down to the right).  Does the template project need to be in a certain status? or is there a program to run other than the SA_PROJECT_UPGRADE? .  Also, our structure tab in the solution is "gray" because we have the process check in/out functionality activated. 

      Question#3 - If we are able to get the changes from our projects into the Solution, how do we then update the Template? (we see no arrow back to the Template) We have tested a number of options, but still can't find the answer. We would like to refresh/update the template, (thus making it version #2) and then have it available for new implementation projects