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    iView Customization

    Albert Sherman

      We intend to use iViews for vendor collaboration to enable the vendor to display/maintain purchase order documents from ECC.  However when the purchase order document is presented to the vendor for display we don't want the standard ME23N display presented to the vendor - we want the pricing data hidden from view on the display.  We have been advised to create custom "Z" transactions for the ME23N screen etc. to hide the pricing data.  Can the iViews for the ME23N display be edited to hide the pricing data and other data that we don't want to display or must we create the custom display transactions to hide the unwanted data and then present the custom screens in the iView?  Our technical support group has advised us that the PO displays in iView is "what is in the screen display (ME23N) is what you get in the iView presentation - the pricing data can not be hidden from the iView side - Is this accurate - or can edits /modifications be made to the iView displays?