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    Andee DiCola

      I have cancelled a payment wizard but the items that it selected for payment does not come back up for payment when I create a new wizard. It usually frees them up to allow them to be selected. Is there a field that gets populated on the invoice to not allow it to be selected again?

      Somehow it deleted the run, it is not showing or even showing as executed but the invoices are not being re-selected when I try to create a new payment wizard.

          Patti Bennion


          I'm not sure what you did, but here are a few things to check on. Hopefully it will help.

          If you just saved the recommendations, this holds the invoices in the run to prevent duplicate payments. To cancel a saved run, choose 'show saved run', but do NOT choose 'executed runs'. You should see a list of your saved but not executed runs. On step 6, hover over a BP line, right click, and choose cancel. This will cancel the entire payment run. The invoices are freed up and can be selected again.

          If you executed the run, you'll need to cancel the outgoing payments or void the checks, depending on how far you got in the execute process. I don't think you canel a payment run once you have passed the execution step.

          If none of this works, maybe you have encountered a bug. You may need to contact your partner for resolution.