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    Vendor Ship to vs Bill to Address

    Ben Peterson

      On purchase orders, the vendors bill to address appears, sometimes it is their corporate mailing address. Is there a way to choose different vendor ship to or pick up addresses? So that the people in the warehouse will see the selected address.<br/>

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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hi Ben
          The default address is the one defined on the company details, but you also have an option to use the WH address...
          Admin>System Initialziation>Document Settings>General, check the box Use WH address.
          On the Admin>setup>inventory>WH you can define an address for each WH.
          Once you choose the item and the associated wh, it will show up in the Ship To on the PO.
          If you do not work by WH... so you will need to change the ship to manually. Another option is to link a formatted search to the ship to field in the PO, so that users can choose from an existing list
          regards, Idit