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    Solution Manager Reporting Options?

      Is any one generating reports from user testing?

      I am looking for a report that would show plan, package, transaction, assigned testers, and status for the entire project.


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          Daniel Gent

          We're doing unit testing and trying to use reports. But it appears they are not all showing up in the reports.

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            Diane Davis


            Has anyone been successful in using reporting from SOLMAN for test results.?? 



            We are in the middle of  testing and looking for a report which gives us Plan, Package, step/transaction, Tester, and status......



            We havent been able to even find a table to query yet.......Can we set up SOLMAN with BI for reporting without major hassle? 



            using  version  ST-ICO   150_700   0013 S    appreciate all help and tips






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              Ajay Vonkarey


              Hi All:



              As a specialized consultant in Solution Manager, i have worked on projects that have used Solution Mgr for testing and reporting.  The basic reporting is available out of SOLAR_EVAL transaction.  If you are using a 3rd party tool like HP QC, some of the reporitng can be obtained from that tool too.



              the challages we had was a compelted integrated report, from the test case to attached transports. We have build queries and custom reports around it.



              hope this helps. Dont hesitate to contact me at avonkarey@alphasirius.com for any further information.















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                Diane Davis


                we've been able to set up a query to pull in plan - package - step count - tester assigned - assignment status ( to filter unassigned or locked test packages) . It is not perfect but gives a much better view than we had before, which was none.  Our query was set up (by ABAP) with the following table join:   



                Definition table for structures  TTREE,



                Test Organizer, Test Catalog, Plan, Package Attributes  TNODE02A



                User-specific list of favorites of structure maintenance, TTREEF,



                Name of a structureTTREET,



                Generated Table for View STWB_STAT



                Generated Table for View STWB_STA_1



                Generated Table for View STWB_STA_2



                good luck.












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                  I work with Paul Nakoski who posted the first message in this thread.  We used SOLMAN for our ECC6 upgrade last year. We built our business blueprint, created test plans and packages, and tracked the status of our testing in SOLMAN. We struggled with the reporting available in SOLAR_EVAL, and ended up creating a custom report. We could not find a report that showed plan/package/transaction code and description/tester/status/notes. Is there a standard report in SOLAR_EVAL that includes all of these components?  If so, would you be able to give us the path to it?



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                    Ajay Vonkarey


                    Hi all:



                    As stated earlier, there is no standard report to retrieve all that information at once.  STWB_WORK does give you a summary report but not the details.



                    Two options:



                    1. if you have activated BI reports, you can generate the same with some of the standard BI cubes available



                    2. costom report - you dont have to create a new ABAP report, but use the query functions






                    hope this helps