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    SAP B1 Barcode/WH add-on

      Our company is looking for a solution to apply Bar Codes to our process oriented production line. We want the ability for WH shippers to scan these bar codes with remoted devices and ship/receive wirelessly. 

      If anyone as implemented something similar or know of a Add-on solutions please share!

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          Diane Tapia

          We use Bartender software with scanners to do barcoding with B1. Please let me know if you would like further information.


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            Hi Diane,

            Thanks for responding. Yes I would like to know more. We would use the barcode to correspond to the interal SAP batch/serial number. Specifically I'd like to know how it works for shipping orders. Can/could a warehouse employee build an order by scanning the barcodes as they build the order? If so, what in SAP does it update.. Delivery Documents, Sales Order, Pick n Pack... etc.

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              Jim Gillespie

              We have been using Radio Beacon for some time with great success on our legacy product.

              We are beginning our SAP implementation with RB shortly.  My understanding is that SAP / RB spent several million dollars to integrate the EWMS so tightly with SAP that  you can't tell where one begins and the other leaves off.

              I know there's at least 40 companies so far using the combination including a major roll-out of American Express customers.

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                Heidi Lind

                We recently (December) installed RFIDS software (SAP Business One Add On).  It was much cheaper than Radio Beacon, and very easy to use.  We don't have an IT person at our site, and other than initially installing the software, we have been able to figure out most "issues" on our own.  It also allows for serial/batch tracking.