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    Anthony Flores

      Our database has approx 65k Business Partners  with about 30k having between 2-50 ship to locations. In my marketing documents I have a UDF called "Status". I am using the Document Generator Wizard to convert  Sales Orders into AR Invoices. I  have expanded by selection on my base to Sales Order and UDF where status = shipped.

      I have 529 orders in the system that meet my critera. When I run the wizard it runs for approx 41 minutes and is going through ALL 65k BP.

      Is there a better way to do this? I would think the system should look  for the open orders and my critera first!

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          Gareth John

          We are running into a similar performance issue with running the MRP wizard. We have 30,000 items, 20,000 BPs and 40,000 orders (mostly closed). Running the MRP Wizard takes about 30 minutes.

          We are using Win2003R2 server with SWL2005. So far, the only suggestion is that this combonation of server and SQL has been symptomatic to slow performance. And, tuning SQL may help. Are you using Win2003 server and SQL2005?

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            Anthony Flores

            Yes, we are using Win2003 Service pack 1 with SQL 2005. Did you set up any special critera? UDF etc. to try and limit the wizard when running... I have tried many things and am almost to the point to have a custom document gererator developed to be more specific to our specifications and critera. It wouldn't be so much a problem if it just crashed a workstation, but it's crashing the server and this is not acceptable to our CEO.

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              Gareth John

              We did not try to limit the MRP Wizard when running using any special criteria. Interesting concept. We do have many UDFs and formatted queries throughout. Nothing specifically for the MRP Wizard.

              We did not change any SQL settings yet? We are looking into this now. Perhaps if our problems are related, SQL tuniing may be helpful. I will look for a SQL dba to assist.

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                Anthony Flores

                Thanks, If I come up with anything good, I will let you know.