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    B1 Reference

    D Jeffrey Brothers

      I am new to ASUG and to the B1 community and would appreciate any and all opinions or discussion on the B1 as a product.  I'm not asking for a survey or a complaint session but I am considering using B1 in a wholesale distribution envrionment.  The user has imported/manufactured goods from China, and sales throughout the world.  They are an under $15MM operation currently but have experienced enormous growth over the past two years, thus the need for a full-featured order-entry, inventory management and accounting and financial reporting system. 

      I notice what seems to be extensive discussions about the operating and reporting features of B1 and off-hand wonder if these are 'bugs", design problems, or minor inconveniences.  My perception of B1 is that it should not be a "beta" product but with all the postings it seems it has a ways to go before it can be comfortably used.


      Jeff B.  

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          Kathleen Johnson

          Any accounting s/w has short comings, but we are in our second year and it is better than what we have had and we are waiting anxiously for items in the fall release.  I would say the major short coming is knowledgeable installers who will provide ongoing support at reasonable costs - we are very fortunate with our s/w support consultant.  We also have a good in house IT person and pay the higher maintenance fee to deal directly with SAP on technical issues - this eleminates the middleman who doesn't have the technical expertise and admits he does not.  I think the use of the discussion forum allows us to learn from others rather recreating the wheel.