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    DTW to Import Budgets

    Eric Schroeder

      Anyone have experience importing budget into SAPB1 with DTW? We set up the Base budget and distribution scenarios and now we want to import the detailed data. We tried using the "Budget" and "Budget lines" templetes but have been unsuccessful in making the import work. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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          Idit Frydman Saguey

          when you import the budget, you need to have the header and the rows file
          on the header use the internal account code. To find out the code, run a query on the OACT table.
          also put the total anual amount. each account will have a record key that will correspond with the one on the rows
          In the rows file, you must have 12 rows for each account, representing the 12 months;
          You need to identify the Line Num that correspond with the month, and the monthly amount. Note that the line number should start with 0.
          The record key will repeat for the 12 rows
          There is a nice sample for budget import, on the DTW folder, sample data
          Regards, idit