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    Report Printing SAPB1 2005

    Shiraz Chatur

      In SAP B1 2005,under print preferences our setting is at 12. This enables us to print our sales invoices on a preprinted form.

       However,when our accounting people want to print reports we can only print 12 lines per page,making the reports very long. Is there a way that we can print regularly for reports yet maintain printing and setting for our sales invoices.?Can this be done by users individually?Please assist.Thank you

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          Andee DiCola

          We use a preprinted form but we actually control the lines printed within the document in the print layout deisgner rather than the Print Preferences. We have our print preference settings at 99 but the template for the Preprinted form is set for the area of the page for the document lines and it only prints amount of the lines that it needs for that template. I think you will need to create a template that will print your preprinted form to only 12 lines and then change your print preference in Administration to be larger than 12 to accommodate the accounting people.
          You will need to create a template for the Accountants to use to have more than 12 lines printed.
          The users will use different templates to print the invoices how that they want them not the print preferences in the Administration Module. You can set the templates to default by user and you should be able to ahieve the results that you want.