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    What are your thoughts about SOLMAN?

    Pamela Jain

      I went to an SAP training class on SOLMAN and find that using it seems like a real administrative burden.  We want a tool for storing project plans and documentation, tracking unit and integration testing scenarios and tracking issues.  To initially setup all the scenarios seems very time consuming!  Currently we use Word, Excel and Access database to store documentation and testing scenarios.  If you're not using SOLMAN, what other tools are available for the above pruposes and meets audit requirements?

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          I must admit we also use a variety of Access, Excel and Word templates, tools and documents to accomplish controlled change.  Solution Manager was chosen to simplify this and consolidate these tools.  We liked the idea that you could have a "one stop shop" for all SAP change requests, service requests and projects.  We especially chose it because it uses native RFC's to connect to satellite systems for config and development tasks.

          We have found it challenging to use it for controlled date-driven software change release management.  It is here that the overhead burden is most pronounced. We continue to work on it but have yet to find a way out of the world of excel and access!

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            Pamela Jain

            Thanks for the information David!  We are still trying to determine if we will use this tool for our ERP2005 upgrade project as well as our BI and Archiving projects.

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              Scott Enterline

              Hi Pamela:
              We have been using Sol Man since the 2.2 days and are on 4.0 now. We have used extensively for implementation and used the documentation features. We have about 10,000 documents stored in Sol Man to date. Send me a note at vonkajay@yahoo.com as I may not have access to my direct e-mail. I can setup a quick demo for you.
              good luck
              Ajay vonkarey