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    Serial Number Problems

    Jody Green

      We are using version 2004a. 

      1.  We had been doing a 'Goods Issue' when we found missing inventory to remove the item and serial number from the system.  When we refound the item(s) we tried to do a 'Goods Reciept' to put it back in inventory but are unable to because the system says the serial number has already been used.  Is there a way to reuse the serial number or purge it and start new.

      2.  A related problem.  Due to some process problems, we had an employee that was cancelling delivery tickets when the customer decided they did not want the product rather than doing a return.  This leaves a partially open Delivery Document (Meaning you can see it but you cannot return or invoice from the document) and the serial numbers are locked and we have no way to remove them from the delivery ticke and therefore cannot sell the item.  Is there a way to free these items for use?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Sandra Hirsch

          For your serial number problem, I would complete a Goods Return instead of a Goods Receipt.  Goods Return will allow you to pick the serial number already created and return the item to usable inventory stock.<br/>


          I would use the same method to deal with your closed delivery tickets.  Create a completely separate return transaction for the same customer and choose the item being returned .  Once you hit ADD it will take you to a screen to pick the correct serial number to return the item to usable inventory and offset the original delivery note.<br/>

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            Jody Green


            Thanks for the quick reply. Your recommendation worked for those serial numbers we had locked on cancelled delivery tickets. We were able to do a return even those the delivery was cancelled. Our other problem is where we did a 'goods issue' on an item before it had been sold. We cannot do a return becuase it has never been on a delivery ticket. We tried doing a 'goods return' or 'goods reciept' but the serial number is not available. If we do a serial number lookup it is there but says unavailable. Our only solution we can come up with so far is to make a modification to the serial number so it is unique but this causes potential problems down the road. Any thoughts?