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    Anyone using SolMan Service Desk?

    Jason Schweitzer

      Hi all,<br/>


      I'm trying to determine what benefits Service Desk could bring to our organization.  We already have well-established support and change management systems in place, using a couple different tools but mainly HP Service Desk.  We have no major issues with SOX compliance or reporting, and run a single 3-system R/3 landscape and BW.  I guess I'm wondering why other companies have chosen to implement Solution Manager's Service Desk, especailly if there was an existing service solution in place.  What value did it add or replace?  Can anyone help enlighten me?<br/>

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          Rodney Schmisseur


          We evaluated Service Desk earlier this fall and are planning to implement it as part of our "new" NetWeaver implementation sometime (g) in 2007. The current plan is to jointly implement Service Desk and CHARM. While we have an existing corporate-wide service solution in place, it was hardly optimized for SAP support purposes -- and had no integration to change management, testing, etc. One of the primary features we liked was the internal workflow for trouble tickets, routed within the SAP support team, versus monitoring from a larger "corporate" help desk. We liked the ability of users to immediately launch trouble tickets from within the application (versus an external session or phone call) and the amount of supporting system status information automatically captured. Direct integration with testing and release management and further streamlining of SOX controls/audits is expected. We anticipate better incoming information, quicker turnaround, and more focus on diagnosis and solution and far less focus on help desk scripting, defect information collection, and staffing "front-desk" roles that don't drive diagnosis and solution efforts.

          Messaging, Service Desk, and CHARM appear to be fairly tightly integrated within the CRM base of Solution Manager.  Now, mind you, we're not there yet (!!) -- but those were the overall drivers for determining Service Desk was a target for our convergence efforts.  Developing the CRM skillsets (in a non-CRM shop) to deploy this are expected to be our biggest challenges.