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    Change Management Methodology

    Don Newton

      Good Day;

      Since we are now looking at installing (yes and using) Solution Manager, I was wondering wher I might be able to find some online documentation on SAP Change Management Methodology.



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          warren kaufman

          I just recently purchased a book from SAP PRESS called SAP Change and Transport Mgmt. It is a good technical reference on chg mgr. In addition, there is several documents/presentations from SAP which provide high level process flows of which you can base your chg mgr process from.

          Hope this helps - Warren

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            Jason Schweitzer

            Hi Warren - looking at the TOC online, it doesn't appear that Transport Workflow is discussed...is it?   Also, does the book provide an easy-to-read list of pros/cons of using one method over another (esp., using SolMan vs not)?  Personally, I find all the various ways to implement change mgnt to be &quot;6 of one, half a dozen of one another&quot;, with relative advantages/disadvantages not very well explained.  If you think this book is good in that regard please let me know, I'll go scoop up a copy.<br/>