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    What do you use for a test environment?

    Gayatri Sriram

      I'm curious what other customers are using for a test environment.

      For a live environment, we have SAP Business One 2005 A SP01 PL07 using SQL Server 2005 running on Windows Server 2003.

      We have a test database running on our production server, but since it shares SBO-COMMON, we can't test new versions of our add-on because it uninstalls the old version from the live company.

      My question then is what sort of test environments do you use?

      • Do you have another full instance of SQL Server running with SAP Business One? 
      • Do you have some version of SQL installed on a desktop or laptop so you can put both the server and client on?
      • Do you just have a test database on the production server?

      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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          Gary Abel

          Since SBO allows for multiple companies we created a separate company (called it "Test" ) and copy data from our live company into the test company... we can than use the "choose Company" option to switch between the live  and "test" company.  We copy the live company over to the test company on a semi regular basis which allows us to wrok in the test company with data that is current.  It works well for us, and allows us to test various settings or proceedures without fear of affecting any live data. 

          Hopes this is of some help.

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            Gayatri Sriram

            Thank you Gary.

            I actualy discovered that if you give the test version of the add-on a different name, then it won't uninstall the "live" version. Just make sure to set its default behavior to "Disabled" and then specify certain users to manually start it. So this alleviates the need for a separate SBO-COMMON database to test our add-ons.

            However, in order to test the upgrade to SBO SP01 PL08, we installed SQL Server on a workstation. Then we copied SBO-COMMON and our company databases to that instance of SQL server and did the upgrade. It also upgraded the client on that machine. That client is no longer able to connect to the live company because it is on PL07.

            To summarize:
            Having one server with a separate test database allows testing of transactions and add-ons.
            In order to test patch level upgrades, we needed an entirely separate server and client setup.

            Is it possible to have 2 versions of the client installed on one machine?