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    Assembly w/Serialized components

    Sandra Hirsch

      I am wondering if anyone has had experience with creating assemblies with multiple levels of serialization.  We have serialized sub-components which are then built into a master serialized assembly.  We have used a production bill of materials to build each item.  The system forces us to enter a serial number for the sub-components when they are receipted from production.  However, when we receive the master assembly from production, we must enter the master serial number - but not the serialized components used.  These components then remain identified in our system as available, even though they are not.  What did we miss in our setup or item definition?  How do we remove these items from available inventory?  Thanks for any light you can shed on this situation.

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          James McCord

          You should set up your sytem to ask for the serial numbers when you do the goods issue to the production order.
          On the item master set Manage Items by to "Serial" .Set Method to "On every Transaction" This will force you to entery the serial numbers when you receive the items into inventoery and also when you issue the items to a production order.
          The Item number for the Assembly should be set up the same way and you will be prompted to enter the assembly serial number when completed. If the assembly is then issued to another level in a production order you will be asked for the serial number of the assembly when you issue the assembly to the next level.

          This is for SBO 2004

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            Tony Dertouzos

            We are interested in this, also. Will the system allow us to individually address each assembly that is completed on a work order, with respect to what serialized components were used to build it, when you have more than one assembly per work order? Thanks.

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              James McCord

              I can only reply from my use of SBO 2004 and my company experience.

              We use chemicals in the manufacturing process which are contained in serialized vessels. We also use another compenent which is batch controlled. We set all of the components issued to the workorder which can be tracked by batch to have batch control on for every transaction (we used batch control for the serial numbered containers). The components which are not batch controlled are set to backfill.
              The Production bill of material contains all of the items to make the finished product. We create a production order from the BOM then issue the items to the production order and add. At this time the components which are batch controlled require the extra step to assign the batch from the available batches in the warehouse (we have multiple warehouses). When all of the batches are entered you can then complete the production order.
              The next step is to receive the finished product into the warehouse by choosing the production order. At this time you will be asked to supply the serial number for the finished component.
              I have never tried to track back to the batch numbers of the components, however you can run the batch transaction report for the initial component and retrieve data to point you to where they were used.