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    Solution Manager Release

    Mark Ano

      How have you handled releases in Solution Manager -  The only way we can see to handle them is by creating a new implamentation project for the global template for every release?

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          Don Newton

          Good Evening;

          We are now looking at this. We are currently using a third party product for managing releases.

          We have conducted a "gap fit" and are now validating.

          I would be intersest in knowing why you are using a global template instead of an implamentation tempalte

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            Mark Ano

            Sorry it took me so long to reply - I have also been given ownership of MDM (what fun).  We use implamentation templates for each project release (a new implamentation template for each release).  These are all connected to one Global Template through the Solution Directory which gives a current state of what we have implamented in SAP in one place vs. searching and combining the other projects.  There is no maintenace on the Global Template after the initial set up, so it fit our need.