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    Rounding to .00 AND .000 in different documents in B1?

    michael hager

      I need to show 4 decimals on pricing for POs only.  We sell all of our products as each, but we often buy product by 100s or 1000s lots and the per each price often comes out to fractions of cents.

      The problem is that our rounding is set to .00 and the total price of the order changes from the Vendor’s quote.

      Can .0000 rounding be applied to POs only while all other documents (Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, etc.) be rounded to .00?

      Michael Hager
      KAscar, LLC

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          Kathleen Johnson

          We have a similar issue with cable and were told that the rounding impacted all documents,
          could not choose by document.
          There is a feature in inventory item set up on the purchasing tab and sales tab
          where you can enter the conversion. So in purchasing you can show 1 roll at 189.75
          is comprised of 1000 feet at .189. We buy in rolls, eliminates the decimal place issue
          on purchase orders and we sell by the foot.
          I will warn you that we have had a few that did not work so our per foot cost was 189.75.
          Really distorts the gross profit !

          • 2. Rounding to .00 AND .000 in different documents in B1?
            Eric Schroeder

            There is a fix for your problem.
            Set the number of decimals in the initialization screen to 4 . Then you need to go into each of the various documents (eg PO, Sales Orders, etc.) and change the format that is shown on the document to round to 2 decimals. It is a little trickey so you might need consultant help to do this.