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    BOM Costing

    Eric Schroeder

      We are running on 2004 SAP BO. When we look at a BOM the line items show price list 1 for each item. We want to see the Last Purchase Price for the entire BOM. Is there a way to get this info without changing the price selection on every line??

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          Matt Roberts

          I assume you are talking about Sales BOMs and not Production or Assembly BOMs? If it is a Sales BOM, I believe it defaults to the Sales price list and not the Purchase price. But if you want to change what is displayed on the lines, then yes - you'll probably need to go in and change each line.

          Note that this will not actually assign a cost to the Sales BOM. This part of SBO is royally screwed-up, to be honest - your Sales BOMs will go on sales orders / deliveries / invoices as lines with 100% profit, because the cost / purchase price of the child items does not get transferred to the parent BOM.

          In what I hope is a very useful (it was for us, at least) tangential aside for anybody reading this, here is a query to retrieve the cost of all BOMs from SAP. We use it to help with the square-inch analysis of our catalogue. It also retrieves the number of child items each BOM has - just for the heck of it, I think.

          If you want to limit this query to retrieve results from only a certain type of BOM, you'd have to add more conditions to the WHERE part. Since I didn't need to do this for our purposes when I wrote it, I'm not going to spend the time to look up which conditions those might be (unless somebody asks nicely).

          SELECT T1.Father, COUNT(T1.Code) AS 'Number of Children', SUM(T0.Price*T1.Quantity) AS 'Cost'
          FROM ITM1 T0 INNER JOIN ITT1 T1 ON T0.ItemCode = T1.Code
          WHERE T0.PriceList = '1'
          GROUP BY T1.Father
          ORDER BY T1.Father