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    Problem with Check Printing

    Eric Schroeder

      We are running 2004 SAP BO. When we print checks with the Payment wizard the number of invoice items printed is inconsistant. One check with 17 invoices prints 10 on page one and 7 on page two. Another time there are 8 invoice references and it prints 7 on page one and 1 on page two!!!  Any suggestions on what the problem may be and how to fix it would be appreciated.

        • 1. Problem with Check Printing
          Idit Frydman Saguey

          Hi Eric,
          when print any document with repetitive area (the invoice details), if the system cant fit all the rows plus the page footer in the same page, it will take the last row to the next page and print it will the summary.
          the reason that you were able to print 10 invoice in the first page, doesn't mean that you can have up to 10 invoices, since it didn't include the footer information.

          you need to do some testing and see what is the max lines that you can print in one page, and then accordingly plan how many invoices to put in one payment.
          for example if 8 wont fit, try 7, until you get the check to print in one page.
          This is not a an issue, it's just the way the system works.
          hope this helps
          regards, idit