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    Void Check in different posting period

    Karen Schultz

      We are running SAP B1 2005 SP1 and are trying to void a check(outgoing payment) that was issued in 1 posting period which is now closed and trying to void it in our current posting period. The error is saying that the posting date is outside the current posting date.  According to the Help files we should be able to do this - what are we missing?

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          Andee DiCola

          I have SAP BUS ONE 2005 - not SP1 yet. But when voiding  a check it gives me the option to void from the posting date or the creation date on the screen. If you chooose the creation date it will allow you, to void in the current period that you are in. If you choose posting period, it will try to reverse in the period that it was originally posted in.

          Remember posting date is the prior date the check was written, Creation date is the new date that you are giving the void posting.

          Hope that is the issue.